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Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here!

Over Paid Over Sexed and Over HereCast: 4 Female / 5 Male
Length: 2 Acts (110 minutes)
Genre: Comedy
It’s mid 1942 and Australia is at war. As our able bodied men fight overseas a sleepy seaside Aussie town is about to experience an invasion by the Americans. The arrival of the "Yanks" brings much needed excitement for the ladies, but for the local lads there are three big problems with the visitors… they’re over paid, they’re over sexed, and they’re over here!
New Zealand version also available.

1. DON MAYS Father to Allison, Dorothy and Rosey. 55 years old. His wife has passed away some 15 years ago. He suffers from shellshock and has a nervous condition from the First World War that increasingly has left him at times somewhat aloof and distracted.
2. ALLISON MAYS The oldest of the Mays sisters. 35 years old. With the death of her mother she has assumed a motherly role in the family.  Has moved back in with father to run family business while her husband Kenneth is away at war. She has not heard from Kenneth for quite some time and is worried for him.
3. DOROTHY MAYS The middle sister and 28 years old. Unmarried but not particularly by choice. Independent. Outspoken. Works at the family dry cleaning business. Resents the war.
4. ROSEY MAYS The youngest of the Mays sisters at 17 years of age. Bright, happy and enthusiastic.
5. JACK Of indeterminate age somewhere between 20 and 35 years old. Very proudly a member of the Air Raid Precaution Unit (ARP) and possessing an over blown sense of self importance. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Has befriended George whom he dominates.
6. GEORGE Late 20’s to late 30’s.  Having not been accepted into the army due to health issues his self-esteem has taken a beating. Works at the wharf. Possesses more intelligence and many more capabilities than one would assume at first glance. With the departure of the other men in the town he is left with Jack as his best friend. In love with Dorothy. Only ever wears overalls.
7. MRS HAM In her mid to late 50’s but appears much older. A busybody and hard-shot who is making the best of the war by establishing a black market of sorts. Often assumes an unwelcome motherly responsibility for the Mays sisters. Unmarried.
8. HARRY American serviceman in his early 20’s. Clean cut, dashing, cheerful and charming. Self-confident and optimistic. A leader by nature.
9. ROBERT American serviceman, younger than Harry. Perhaps 18 or 19 years old. Clean cut, polite and charming. Happy to follow Harry’s lead.

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Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here!

It is 1942, wartime New Zealand, and the tension crackles.
But the “enemy” for the local lads is not the feared Japanese, who stand poised to invade as they sweep down through the Pacific.
It’s the newly arrived American troops, who have the local girls swooning, with their boxes of chocolates and polite manners.
Devon Williamson, Detour’s resident playwright, has chosen those heady days as the setting for his latest hilarious offering, which had Wednesday’s opening night audience hooting with laughter.
We are in the home of the three Mays sisters, Allison (Susi Jansen), Dorothy (Gin Mabey) and Rosey (Mikayla Williamson), and their dad Don (Brian MacKenzie), who run a dry-cleaning shop in a small coastal town near Wellington.
Relations with the Yankee “bedroom commandoes” start off badly for local yokel Jack (Dylan Frewin) when he takes potshots at their landing craft.
Things go from bad to worse when two of the Americans, Harry (Gavin Kerr) and Robert (David Holt), come into the shop and start a-courting the girls.
Fast talking blackmarket wheeler-dealer Mrs Ham (Kim Williamson) is not one to miss out on the prospect of a bit of fun with the boys and her jaw-dropping moonshine “Shell Shock” adds spice to events.
But despite all the glamour, it is between Dorothy and local lad George (Glen Morris) that true romance blossoms in the end.
The biggest laugh of the night came after Dad related his tale about a cow cocky in broadest Kiwi language. There, perhaps, the clash of cultures was seen in starkest relief and it ended in an explosion of humour.
Over Paid, Over Sexed & Over Here! Is a very funny, at times poignant, and always totally engaging tale that will also evoke a twinge of nostalgia among older members of the audience who grew up in this country.
All round, the acting is excellent, the direction slick, and Devon Williamson has established a reputation across New Zealand and Australia for quality comedies. This is quite possibly his best yet.
The show runs until April 12. Reviewed by Paul Chapman for Bay of Plenty Times, 26 March 2014.

- Paul Chapman (For Bay of Plenty Times)

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