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My Husband's Nuts

My Husbands NutsCast: 3 Female / 2 Male
Length: Two Acts (120 minutes)
Genre: Comedy

Barbara's husband is missing on the family farm. When Jack finally returns he is a nervous wreck and will not leave the house... he is suffering from Agri-phobia (the fear of agriculture)... and is convinced that he is Hiroo Onoda - a Japanese soldier holding out on an island after world war Two. Barbara's husband is nuts. The only people she can trust with this information is the new vet and the village idiot. How will they restore Jacks mind without the help of the medical profession... or common sense?

Jack Fitzgerald – local farmer and living legend in the community, husband to Barbara. After a knock to the head he is convinced that he is Hiroo Onoda - a Japanese soldier holding out on an island after world war Two
Barbara Fitzgerald – local farmer, wife to Jack – becomes Kozuka (another Japanese soldier) in Jacks mind.
Charlie (Charlotte) – daughter to Jack and Barbara. Childhood friends with Terry. Constipated. – becomes Shoichi Shimada (another Japanese soldier) to Jack.
Jo/Joe – Vet, just graduated, looking to establish her/his self in the community – becomes Norio Suzuki (another Japanese soldier) in Jacks mind.
Terry McCloud – local home alarm installer with dreams of law enforcement– becomes Yuichi Akatsu (the Japanese "deserter") in Jacks mind. Childhood friends with Charlie. A Vegetarian, the kind that has to tell everyone. Socially awkward.

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"Absolutely brilliant! You will not be disappointed - I guarantee you that!"
Breakfast Show, 105.4 FM

Not what you think!
Having never attended a Detour Theatre play, I was excited to see ‘My Husband’s Nuts!’ written by Devon Williamson, and directed by wife Kim, the co directors of the company.

Set in a rural South Island farm house, Jack, your stereotypical farmer, suffers a bump to the head, causing him to, as the name suggests, to go a tad nutty. The havoc this creates leads to many an unexpected event , and awkward moment.

Jack, played by Liam Hagen stood out, having few lines throughout, yet keeping the audience engaged as his paranoia built from scene to scene. Terry, the lovable yet simple local security specialist, played by Matt Simmons was hilarious and a pleasure to watch. Kim Williamson, Anna Robinson and Susi Jansen held their parts well and really gave the impression that they were enjoying it, as were the audience, evident as they giggled and clapped.

‘My Husband’s Nuts!’ delivered some well received slapstick moments, and a clever storyline carried outstandingly by the cast. If you’re looking for a bit of comic relief and quality acting, go see ‘My Husband’s Nuts’, running till March 27th.

Elise Rohde (Bay Of Plenty Times)

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