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Royalty Payments (for USA / Canada)

This page is for theaters in the USA and Canada to pay their production royalties. 

Theaters from other locations should pay their production royalties to the agents through which the performance application was made. See the Agents page for contact details.


USA and Canadian Theaters... 

Royalty payments are required two weeks prior to the show opening. Royalties are US$75 per performance.

Important: Have you applied for a performance license? Click here if you haven't.


How to make your payment...

Making a royalty payment is very, very easy. Follow these easy steps...

1.Click on the "Add to Cart" button below.
2.When the shopping cart screen opens enter your Royalty total (in US dollars). Royalties are US$75 per performance.
3.Click on the "Update Cart" button.
4.Click on the PayPal button and pay using the secure creditcard facilities.


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