Comedy Stage Plays

  • Crazy Ladies!
  • How To Train Your Husband
  • Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here!
  • My Inlaws are Outlaws!
  • The Old People Are Revolting!
  • Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here!
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Looking for a hilarious comedy stage play for your theatre? You've come to the right place. ComedyPlays.Net is your one stop location for hilarious comedy plays including "How To Train Your Husband' and "The Old People Are Revolting". Perfect for your theater.

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The Supermarket Sisterhood is now available in the USA/Canada!
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Twas the Fight Before Christmas


Twas the Fight Before ChristmasEver since her husband died, Mary’s horrible adult children have been ruining Christmas. This year, with the help of a suicidal French psychiatrist, Mary is determined to take Christmas back.

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My Inlaws are Outlaws

Annie discovers her in-laws are outlaws... and her mother in-law has hired a mad group of assassins to kill her!

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The Old People Are Revolting!

The Old People Are Revolting! is a hilarious comedy about seniors seeking revenge! The residents of the Sunshine Retirement Village have had enough: they're revolting!

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About Us

Our plays are by international playwright Devon Williamson and are loved by producers, actors and audiences alike.

  • Producers love the plays because they are easy to sell - great titles, hilarious comedy, characters and situations that audiences identify with.
  • Actors love the plays because they are great fun to act - bold and interesting characters, intense conflict, great dialogue and enthusiastic audience response.
  • Audiences love the plays because they have a great night out - hilarious comedy, insightful drama, and a story that keeps an audience on the edge of its seat (when they are not rolling in the aisles!).


Devon encourages theatre's to locate his plays in their own locales using place names and personalities that local audiences identify with.


“Hilarious, dramatic, insightful... Williamsons plays are winners for the audience and producer alike.”
-Stuart Gunn, Absolute Theatre